WaterCome Snowy Whitening Facial Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizing Brightening Emulsion and Cream Set.
【 Features 】 The Product Contains More Than 50 Kinds of Natural Nutrients in Four Categories, Including Protein, Vitamin B, Minerals, And Immune Polysaccharides, And Contains A Variety of Biologically Active Substances.
【 Effect 】  Promote Metabolism: Contains A Lot of Pansy, Which Can Promote Melanin Metabolism And Tighten Pores; Whitening And Spot-Lightening: Contains A Large Amount of Niacinamide, Which Can Block The Transfer of Melanin to The Surface And Metabolize Melanin at The Same Time; Comprehensive Whitening: Synergistically with Prickly Pear Fruit And Anthocyanin, to Achieve A Comprehensive Improvement of Dark Yellow Uneven Skin Tone, But Also to Replenish Energy for Cells.
【 Skin Type 】 Suitable for All Skin, People with Dark Yellow Skin Spots.
【 Caution 】 Store in A Cool, Dry Place Out of The Reach of Children to Avoid Accidental Contact And Direct Sunlight.  If Irritation Occurs During Use, Discontinue Use.