Watercome Moisturizing Toner, Facial Cleansing, An-Wrinkle Nourishing Essence Original Liquid, Moisturizing Gel, Essence Set
【 Features 】 After Cleansing, Perform A Second Cleansing of The Various Pollution Residues on The Skin, Balance The Skin, And Give The Skin A Deeper Purification, Which Is Like A Soft Touch of Water, And Is Superior to The Super Penetration of Water, Which Quickly Penetrates The Skin to Open The Skin's Hydrating Channel. Inject Fresh Water Power into The Skin, Let The Skin "Drink" And Full of Water Freely, And Release The Original Moisturizing Nature of The Skin. Presenting The State of "Moisturizing", "Bumping" And "Soft" Skin.
【 Effect 】 Second Cleansing, Convergence of Pores, Water Storage And Water Lock, Promote Absorption.
【 Method Of Use 】 Apply An Ample Amount to The Skin And Gently Pat into The Facial Skin with Your Fingers.  Suitable for Any Skin, People with Sensitive And Dry Skin.
【 Caution 】 Store in A Cool, Dry Place Out of The Reach of Children to Avoid Accidental Contact And Direct Sunlight. If Irritation Occurs During Use, Discontinue Use.